Saturday 2 September 2017

I feel like I will be dead soon. The discovery that I have done which will be revealed soon in the media will most likely have set too much bad blood with powerful and ruthless men.

Please make sure the sabotage of the Linux fork gets patched properly with a simple counter for the total argument size and not an "improved" patch that screws things up.

Already in 2011 I realized the CMS WordPress is probably a construct by a secret service. The password theft issue (see Red Hat's Bugzilla) had me take a look at the code. Doing authentication and authorization after the theme load is just a way to enlarge the attack surface for anonymous requests.

I have written a 240 bit blockcipher AREA240 that I would have liked to publish with comments. You will have to do with the c code which I hereby put in the public domain (instead of LGPL).

This night I found out satellite beams are real. Different ones have been used on me. One EM pulse that contacts and expands both hemispheres with a ~1Hz cycle. Also an EM pulse that disturbs the visual cortex and moves your image to one side and back, wavily, a bit like a TV image with noise. Further a direct EM pulse, which when targeted at the top of the skull, a little towards the left hemisphere will make your heart rate go up and will probably kill you eventually. And a "generic" microwave pulse that slowly boils your brain.

As these pulses penetrate concrete it is impossible to hide from them. I have been trying to sleep under my bathroom sink filled with water and stacked with pots and pans also filled with water. This indeed seems to work but it is not very comfortable. Also, as most locations are unshielded, where can one go?

It is possible such a "virtual cortex pulse" is what caused my bicycle accident in 2015. Yesterday I ended up a little right of the road on my bike without an obvious cause.

I expect to either get killed by any of these beams, or perhaps get hit by a truck of which the driver gets incapacitated by one of them. Or maybe by "just" a bullet or a knife. But it appears these men are vindictive and want me to suffer by boiling my brain.

This is not a joke and I am not delusional as the revelations in the press will show. Please give any honours I might receive after my death to Edward Snowden, who should be pardoned.

I have always more loved to build than break things. Sadly our secret services that should protect us think it is prudent to break our software and our internet, and leave it wide open to attack by anyone who knows the vulnerabilities they put into and leave lying around in our software.

Sadly I made a bad mistake. I am really sorry.

Try all to consume, travel and breed a little less, so we can save our oceans from dying by acidification and ourselves from suffocating as a consequence.

Love to my mother, father, sister, other family members and my friends. I hope you will find some comfort in the honour I expect to be bestowed on me soon.

Leonard Johan den Ottolander.