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Converting dBase tables to MySQL

dbfMySQL is a PHP script originally written by Miguel Feitosa. The original script needed you to provide all field information manually.

PHP does not provide certain dBase functions which are required to extract this information from the dBase tables. I added a few functions to PHP (4.1.2) (dbase_field_names, dbase_field_types, dbase_field_lengths and dbase_field_decimals) that enabled me to adjust the original scripts so field information is automatically set. You will need to patch PHP to be able to use this dbfMySQL.

The diff still patches cleanly (with an offset) against vanilla PHP 4.3.4.

If you think this patch is useful and should be included in PHP please vote for this patch.

dbfMySQL and PHP dbase patch (this version of dbfMySQL does not work without the patch)
PHP dbase patch