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Installing Red Hat Linux using a parallel cable

Need to install RH to a machine with no cdrom drive? Try installing using a parallel cable. You can use these bootdisks or build a custom disk yourself. Here is a short description of how to use this disk. (Text only version)

Bootnet-PLIP disks (i386) for:
Red Hat 7.1
This image misses the pcnet32.o module, due to a lack of space.
Red Hat 7.0
Red Hat 6.2 This is the original bootnet-plip disk for Red Hat Linux 6.2 created by Tilmann Bubeck. The old link (http://www-ti.informatik.uni-tuebingen.de/˜bubeck/bootnet-plip-62.img) is no longer valid.
(Note that all these versions are no longer supported, i.e. Red Hat no longer supplies patches for these releases.
End of life for redhat 9 is april 2004. Switch to Fedora Core or another distro.)