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PHP syntax file for the Midnight Commander

I am proud to announce that mc-4.6.0-8.4 for Fedora Core 1 now features this syntax file and a real patch.

The php.syntax file that is provided with the midnight commander is far from complete. However, the midnight commander will segfault if it is provided a bigger syntax file. This can be fixed using the patch below.

This syntax file was created by adding all function keywords which I generated from the PHP function reference using getphpfunctionlist.pl to the php.syntax file coming with mc-4.6.0.

Full php syntax file

Patches to build the midnight commander RPM
mc-4.6.0-php_syntax.patch.gz (please unzip before adding to /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES)
mc-4.6.0-large_syntax.patch (real patch taken from FC1)

SPEC file
mc-4.6.0-7.9lj_rh9.spec for Red Hat Linux 9