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Speedtouch RPM for Red Hat Linux

For use with Fedora Core 1 you can probably just --rebuild the source rpm for redhat 9 (or just use the RH9 binaries). You might want to switch to the kernel mode driver since it is available with the 2.4.22 Fedora kernel.
Based on Mandrake's Speedtouch RPM. For use with Speedtouch USB and Speedtouch 330 ADSL modems, being the turquoise USB rev.0, the bourgundy 330 rev.2 and the silver 330 rev.4.

Speedtouch homepage

KQD6_R204.zip firmware (I use this version with my 330 rev.2)

ZZZLP2.eni firmware (extract using unzip and pax) (for use with the 330 rev.4)

Speedtouch 1.2

We're out of beta! It finally happened. A few weeks ago 1.2 was finally released.
This latest release works with all revisions of the Speedtouch modem, including the Rev.4.

With this version of modem_run you have to supply both parts of the firmware to modem_run:
# modem_run -a KQD6P1.eni -f KQD6P2.eni
You can also concatenate the parts and use the resulting file as the -f parameter:
$ cat KQD6P1.eni KQD6P2.eni > KQD6.eni
# modem_run -f KQD6.eni

Please report issues to Speedtouch mailing list (speedtouch@ml.free.fr). See the Speedtouch project page for subscription to the list.

RPM (built for Red Hat Linux 9):
debuginfo RPM:
SRPM (tested on RedHat 9):
Tarball (for use with non RPM distros and BSD):

Use of the below versions is deprecated. They are available for reference only.

Speedtouch CVS 2004/02/20

Work has been done to make modem_run work with the Speedtouch 330 Rev.4. The following rpm was built from code from CVS (2004/02/20). It was built for Red Hat 9, but you should be able to use the resulting modem_run with the kernel driver on Fedora Core 1 as well. You should be able to use this version with rev.0 and rev.2 modems as well.
The version below was built from CVS (2004-02-20) for use with the Speedtouch 330 Rev. 4.

RPM (built for Red Hat Linux 9):
debuginfo RPM:
SRPM (tested on RedHat 9):
Tarball (for use with non RPM distros and BSD):

The patch below is for reference only. The Rev.4 should work with the above rpm.

To get the silver Speedtouch 330 Rev.4 to work you will need to apply a patch to the speedtouch-1.2-6rh.src.rpm. Currently it seems only to work with the user mode driver. On Fedora you will need to disable hotplugging of the device.

Download and install the speedtouch-1.2-6rh.src.rpm, replace the SPEC file with the one below and add the patch to SOURCES.

Applying this patch will render modem_run useless for use with the original (blue) Speedtouch USB and (burgundy) 330 modems. Also I did not test this patch as I do not have a silver 330 Rev.4 modem to test it with ;) .

Speedtouch 1.2-beta3

Built from 1.2-beta3 source which contains the CRC error fix in read_from_usb_thread().
I dropped the Mandrake 1.1 configuration patch.
The 'USBDEVFS_BULK fail'eds I have been seeing were probably caused by a combination of a PaX-ed RedHat 7.3 kernel, a propoliced pppd and a kdebug level set to 7. I haven't seen any of these using a clean Red Hat 9 with this or the previous speedtouch rpm and the KQD6P2.eni firmware.

Speedtouch 1.2-beta3 source
RPM (built for Red Hat Linux 9):
SRPM (tested on RedHat 7.3 and 9):
SPEC (source available in src.rpm):
SPEC file to build the rpm

Speedtouch 1.2-beta-cvs20031016 with USB pipe patch

This version is based on CVS source (2003/10/16). I also added a (slightly cleaned up) patch which I received from Ok Overbeek. The patch fixes CRC errors that I see with the original source when using the latest official firmware from Alcatel/Thomson (KQD6P2.eni).

RPM (built for Red Hat Linux 9):
Separate patches and spec for this rpm (source available in src.rpm):
Speedtouch 1.1 patch
USB pipe patch
SPEC file to build the rpm

Speedtouch 1.2-beta2

Not actually an rpm, but all the files you need to build a Speedtouch RPM for Red Hat Linux. I am still seeing USB failures when the machine is idle for a long time.

These are the files you need to build this rpm:
Speedtouch 1.2-beta2 source
Speedtouch 1.1 patch
SPEC file to build the rpm